Fair Game Georgia

In December 2022, an inspiring project called Fair Game took place in Georgia, aimed at combating racism and discrimination in sports while promoting positive values like tolerance, equality, and fair play. The project was organized as a collaborative effort among six European countries: the Czech Republic, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Poland.

The project’s primary goal was to create a space for young people to contribute to positive social change within their communities through sports and various cultural and educational activities. The project emphasized the importance of self-empowerment and raising public awareness about racism in sports.

Young participants engaged in exchange programs where they learned about the negative impacts of discrimination and prejudice in the sports industry while familiarizing themselves with sports’ positive values, such as friendship, unity, respect, and fair play. This young generation was encouraged to become respectful and peaceful sports fans.

The project also focused on ensuring that sports promote positive values through good governance in sports, including efforts to combat doping, violence, corruption, and racism. In this regard, the project aimed to integrate best practices.

Projects like Fair Game demonstrate that sports can be much more than just a game on the field; it can be a tool for positive change and promoting values that transcend nationalities and cultures. This initiative serves as an inspiration for future projects focused on societal development through sports and education.