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Our mission

Czech Youth Association z.s. is a NGO located in Prerov, Czech Republic. Our main fields of interest are Ecology, Entrepreneurship and Tolerance. We are active on both local and international level. On local level we implement European Solidarity Corps Projects and other activities on international we are mostly active in Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects as well as in Visegrad fund projects.


ESC: Foodwaste

ESC: Foodwaste

Antisemitism? Stop it!

ESC: Antisemitism? Stop it!

Increasing youth employment opportunities

TC: Increasing Youth Employment Opportunities

YE: Antisemitism? Stop it!

YE: There is no planet B

TC: Voting never hurts

YE: Lets tackle it together

KA220: Lifeboat

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Our team


Radek Smolka


Sarah Al Kirbiová


Kateřina Smolková

Project manager

Jan Odstrčil

Media manager